We have a first class Sheriff’s Office in Summit County and I intend to keep it that way. The past Sheriff brought this department into the 21st century, implementing industry standards of protection, professionalism, education, and accountability to the citizens. We cannot risk backwards progression with a less qualified candidate running this office. I am proud to be an integral part of this office and feel that my vision of leadership and law enforcement will make the Summit County Sheriff’s Office the best in Utah.

“The safety and security of Summit County has been my principal passion for more than a decade, so I have more than a fleeting interest in the race for sheriff. Justin is the only candidate with an unblemished record of innovative public service, and that’s why he is, by far, the best option to succeed me as your sheriff.”

~ Sheriff David A. Edmunds, Sheriff of Summit County, Oakley, Utah

HOLISTIC LAW ENFORCEMENT: As the Sheriff of Summit County, I intend to bring a more holistic approach to this community. For example, my deputies would work with the citizens of Summit County to bring about a sense of community. This includes implementing a personal, customer-oriented approach to daily interactions with our citizens. Respectful, common sense policing will be the rule, not the exception. I want our citizens to feel comfortable approaching one of my deputies with any matter. We can work together to create a better community to work, recreate, and live.