Bridge the Sheriff-Community Divide / Build Strong Relationships with Citizens:

“For the informed voter, this is no contest. Justin is the only candidate in the race with chief executive experience.”

~ Sheriff Todd Bonner, Sheriff of Wasatch County, Heber City, Utah

Every citizen of Summit County will have access to me. I believe that I am working for YOU! In order to help achieve this goal, I will hold town hall forums in your communities three times a year. Locations will be Coalville, Kamas, and Park City. In these forums, I hope to learn the specific issues that are important to you. Hearing compliments and praise are also welcomed!

I plan to designate an east-side liaison to the Sheriff’s office. This deputy will be assigned to meet with mayors, council people, and citizens of Coalville (Peoa, Henefer, Wanship) and Kamas (Oakley, Francis, Woodland, Samak). This designated liaison will be available Monday-Friday and will have the autonomy to act on behalf of the Sheriff’s office.

In an effort to increase my visibility in our county, I will plan to spend at least one day a month in each town/city actively participating and engaging in the community. I will be walking down main streets meeting with business owners and citizens, attending rodeos and derbies, mountain biking the trails, attending local football games, snowmobiling the backcountry, and skiing the slopes at several of our beautiful mountains.