Western Gardens Customer Reviews & Comments

I am very honored to have received endorsements from the following Mayors of Summit County:

Mayor Lewis Marchant, Kamas City

Mayor Randy Ovard, Henefer City

Mayor Lee Snelgrove, Francis City

Mayor Trever Johnson, Coalville City

Mayor Wade Woolstenhulme, Oakley City

Other endorsements, for which I am very grateful, include the following:

“The safety and security of Summit County has been my principal passion for more than a decade, so I have more than a fleeting interest in the race for sheriff. Justin is the only candidate with an unblemished record of innovative public service, and that’s why he is, by far, the best option to succeed me as your sheriff.”

~ Sheriff David A. Edmunds, Sheriff of Summit County, Oakley, Utah

"I endorse Justin because of his track record. He is the only legitimate candidate in this race, because he has the credentials and experience to do the job."

~ Sheriff Jim Winder, Sheriff of Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Utah

"For the informed voter, this is no contest. Justin is the only candidate in the race with chief executive experience."

~ Sheriff Todd Bonner, Sheriff of Wasatch County, Heber City, Utah

"Experience, commitment to public safety and an honest desire to put public policy over politics: Justin has all that and much, much more."

~ Sheriff Terry Thompson, Sheriff of Weber County, Ogden City, Utah

"Justin has the credentials and experience to do the job. He is the only viable candidate."

~ Wade Carpenter, Chief Executive, Park City, Utah

"Justin is committed to a safe community for all of Summit County. He has the experience and desire to continue a great record of safety and accomplishment by some of Utah's greatest deputy sheriff's. Justin is the BEST candidate for Sheriff of Summit County. He will continue to serve Summit County with integrity and professionalism".

~ Chief Andrew Burton, Saratoga Springs Police Department, Utah

"No one in this race is more qualified than Justin to be the Sheriff of Summit County."

~ Chief Greg Butler, Woods Cross Police Department, Utah

"Proven leadership with know how and skill; combining professional strength and self awareness creating trust and confidence. I am pleased to endorse Justin for Summit County Sheriff."

~ Chief Chad Smith, Lehi City Police Department, Utah

"I endorse Justin for Sheriff because he has an honest commitment to the people of Summit County."

~ Chief Brad Smith, Kamas City Police Department, Utah

"Justin and I have worked together for many years. He is a natural leader and has a very good understanding of the unique needs of Summit County. These are some of the many reasons I feel Justin is the ONLY man for the position of Sheriff."

~ Chief Dave Booth, Heber City Police Department, Utah

"Justin has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to public service having served honorably in the United States Coast Guard with an impeccable military record and an impressive career in law enforcement. I proudly endorse him for Summit County Sheriff."

~ Donna McAleer, Candidate for United States Congress, UT-1

"Justin is the only candidate with a formal education AND senior leadership experience. He is the ONLY choice."

~ Chris Robinson, Summit County Council Member

"Justin has immersed himself in the Summit County culture - fly fishing the local rivers, skiing the slopes, mountain biking on the trails, and frequenting the mountain music venues at Deer Valley and Newpark. He would be the quintessential 'people's Sheriff' and we need someone who is ingrained in our values."

~ Bill White, Restaurateur and Businessman in Summit County

"Justin Martinez is our choice for Sheriff. He is a highly trained professional law enforcement officer who has steadily risen through the ranks because he is respected by all. He listens to good ideas, he is collaborative in decision making, he is very approachable and he gives a very human component to a very difficult job. We think he'll make us all proud."

~ Sally and Torch Elliot

"Justin has shown over the years that he can work well with anyone. He is open-minded and willing to listen to all sides before making a deliberate decision. We need someone with these traits for Summit County Sheriff. This is one of the many reasons I support Justin Martinez for Sheriff."

~ Claudia McMullin, Summit County Council Member

"In stark contrast to Captain Martinez, the Republican in the race for sheriff is hopelessly devoid of the qualifications required to serve as a twenty-first century law enforcement chief executive."

~ Mike Hale, Summit County Resident, Car Dealer and Businessman

“I have worked with Justin on numerous occasions. He is very professional and committed to building strong relationships with local business owners.

~ Dave Belcher, Owner Park City Towing

“Justin has my vote for Summit County Sheriff. Every time I have called him, he either immediately answers his cell phone, or returns my call in a very timely manner. He is a man who believes in a good old fashioned handshake and his word is as good as gold”

~ Tommy Moore, Owner of Moore’s Towing and gas station in Coalville, Utah

"I am supporting Justin Martinez because he has been very responsive to the needs of Kamas City. Justin works closely with my Chief of Police to ensure a collaborative effort of local law enforcement. One of his best qualities is his old fashioned, personal approach to creating solutions."

~ Mayor Lew Marchant, Kamas City, Utah

"Captain Justin Martinez has a proven track record in executive law enforcement. His deputies are aligned behind him which is a huge testament to his charisma and leadership qualities."

~ Mayor Trevor Johnson, Coalville, Utah

“I support Justin because he has shown, time and time again, a commitment to public safety and a sincere respect for the citizens of Summit County."

~ Kim Carson, Summit County Council Member

"I have had the pleasure of working with Justin Martinez for the last 18 months and I am impressed with his skills as one of the key leaders in the Summit County Sheriff's Department. He is a thoughtful, highly experienced and strategic law enforcement executive and I think he will make an excellent Summit County Sheriff."

~ Roger Armstrong, Summit County Council Member