• Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Emergency Services Management Administration from Utah Valley University

• FBI Command College Graduate

"I endorse Justin because of his track record. He is the only legitimate candidate in this race, because he has the credentials and experience to do the job."

~ Sheriff Jim Winder, Sheriff of Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Utah

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Services Management, I am the only candidate who has achieved higher education. I selected this program due to its focus on managing, organizing, and commanding during a crisis event as well as the day-to-day responsibilities of a high level office. Law enforcement fits innately within these principles. Combined with my vast experience in the field, my higher education compliments the administrative functions of running the Sheriff’s Office.

I have also attended the FBI Command College. This is a highly competitive program that selects law enforcement professionals who have achieved a minimum rank of Lieutenant. Graduates from the FBI Command College enjoy a higher understanding of leadership, management, working with the Federal Government, grant writing, and human resources.